Album release in The Living Room

It has become a good tradition for me to shoot Varyasmusic shows, not only because my comrade Gene plays guitar in this band, but also because I genuinely love Varya's songs and support her creativity in every possible way I can.

This concert was quite special, because it celebrated their first album being released, and also a great change of how these guys perform live. I have to say — I love it all; the new songs are great, and the old ones sound awesome and different. And of course, I couldn't resist from taking their photos. Thank you and enjoy.

August, summer & wedding

The first weekend of August was hot, but it didn't stop my bride and groom from getting married. Honestly, these two love each other so much, that even the heat of Death Valley wouldn't stop them. And it was my great pleasure to capture this beautiful day for Eva and Sergey. With warmest wishes, I congratulate them on their wedding.

1st Love Parade NYC

Today it was my great pleasure to participate and photograph 1st love Parade in NYC, which has been organized and put together by one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever met — Karla Rasmusson. This event was a celebration of love, happiness and inspiration. Gathered at the Union Square (because where else?) participants marched to the Highline Park sharing cookies, flowers and inspirational messages with New Yorkers. Haven't seen so many smiles in a while! Great work, Karla! Peace, love and Sat Nam!

Of laughs and feathers. Annual Pillow Fight in NYC.

I love New York for such craziness, when hundreds of people gather, dress up in costumes, bring their colored pillows and beat the hell out of each other (well, kinda). It's the International Pillow Fight Day, which took place across the globe on April 4th, 2015, and, certainly, NYC couldn't stay away from participating.

I, as photographer, couldn't stay away from the event like that. Here's my coverage of it. Despite the pillow being a very soft and light, I got hit many times throughout the event, but it was certainly worth the pictures I took and the fun I had.

"For your and our freedom." Russian-speaking Antiwar Rally in New York

In my photo journalism work I am usually drawn to an event by certain cause or simply out of curiosity.  I come and photograph to tell the story, and to represent what happened by showing people and their expressions. This time was a bit different for the cause of rally was personally important for me; I just couldn't miss it.  Why? Mainly because Russian-backed separatist fight in Ukraine, and this war caused a major financial crisis in Russia along with its national currency loosing it's value.  Moreover, Russian propaganda teaches people to hate Ukraine, which certainly separates these two neighboring nations. And I am, as Russian, very much dislike this whole situation, caused by the Russian government.

March 1st 2015 was a day when approximately 50 thousand people rallied in Moscow (and in other cities across Russia and the world) protesting agains the war and mourning the death of Boris Nemtsov, one of the brightest liberal politicians, who opposed Kremlin and had been murdered in the center of Moscow just a day before the rally. Other cities of Russia had their own antiwar rallies, and so had New York.

This snowing Sunday Russian-speaking New Yorkers came by East 67th St and 3rd ave to say no to war, because it's just impossible to stay silent now.