Chinese New Year Parade 2015

They call New York the city that never sleeps. And this is pretty accurate, because this afternoon at 1pm I had to be in Chinatown for Lunar New Year's Parade. Usually I just wake up at that time and get ready for my cup of coffee. Well, not today, because when photography calls I just can't argue. 

This was the 16th Annual New Year parade, one of established traditions of New York. Of course, I have been to parades like that before as spectator and photographer, but never ever I had a chance to cross over the fences and actually GET INTO the parade. Today my luck has changed, and with the sneakiest maneuver I managed to walk amongst the parade and get some nice photos. 

As usual, Lunar New Year Parade is full of colors, music, dances and DRAGONS. As someone who was in the parade, I have to say that being there and sharing happiness and great mood with the people made me approach photography a bit differently this time. I hope you enjoy the photos.