Shooting portraits in a New York minute

This was one of the quickest photoshoots, and it took roughly 40 minutes before dusk. My model was running late from New Jersey, and I was nervously waiting for her outside of the High Street Subway. The sun was about to set, and as I almost lost the hope to shoot, my model Maria appeared. Though we were slightly behind the schedule, we were able to visit multiple locations in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and (most importantly) managed to take shots in the golden hour.

Can't go wrong with a photo shoot at Brooklyn Bridge Park

I have a blog on Tumblr at, where I share my street photography of New York. There people ask me for recommendations regarding their future visit to the city. This maybe such a cliché, bit I always suggest Brooklyn Bridge Park, particularly before sunset. To me, this is a wonderful location for almost any kind of photography. When Yulia @aphotographofhome  asked me to have her photo taken, we picked this park in DUMBO area. The following photos were the result of such collaboration.

South Asian Cultural Showcase @ Hunter College

It feels great when you make new friends while working, but it is even better when your friends want only YOU and no one else to be their photographer again and again. This is how I become more invested in process, I enjoy doing what I love it certainly benefits the result. 

This year South Asian Culture Club of Hunter College threw a great party with lot of tasty authentic food, music, songs and fashion show. The event was really the highlight of the semester, and I am very grateful to be a part of it.