Hello and welcome to Photobeliever. My name is Constantine, and I am a photographer based in New York City. It has always been fascinating to me just how seamless and universal an image is able to communicate to a group of people, no matter how diverse they may be. These reasons, are why I became a photographer in the first place.

I specialize in individual portraits and photography for couples. The reason being, is because it grants me the opportunity to focus on my clients closely, without any distractions. This kind of work allows me to establish a real and close connection with my clients, letting me understand them better, and thus I am able to better capture and instill their personality in the photos I capture of them.

In addition to this, I cover a wide array of other areas of photography. In particular, I enjoy capturing events, live concerts, and overall the hypnotic allure of New York City. As you look over my work, you will clearly see that there is no area of this magnificent city that I havent tried to capture in my photos.

So please, look through my work and judge for yourselves!

Feel free to contact me and ask questions.